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Ohjeet Using our online presentation

For our partners, we offer an online slide deck as a presentation tool. This slide deck effectively communicates your consultation tool values, and leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients.

What does the slide deck include?

The slide deck covers a wide range of different topics. You can either click through all the slides and topics or select the for you and your client most relevant topics to show the slides. The following topics are available for you in the slide deck:

  • Introduction
    - Cover slide
    - Drivers for compliance
    - Our approach / mission
    - Customer references
  • Cyberday concept
    - How does it work
    - Tasks
    - Additional assurance
    - Reporting
  • Frameworks
    - Cyberday framework library
    - Working with frameworks
  • Getting started with Cyberday
    - Pricing
    - Book a meeting
    - Trial instructions
  • Additional information
    - Cyberday team
    - Product security
  • Case examples
    - ISO 27001
    - GDPR

How does the slide deck work?

The online slide deck is made to work in a very simple, but efficient way for you to work with. You can select the topics from the drop-down menu on the left and open slides individually. Like this, you can focus on the for you most important slides, in case you do not want to show the whole slide deck. If you would like to show all of the slides of a topic, you can simply click on the "Next slide ->" button in the upper right corner of the slide deck.

Additional info for the slides

Most of our slides have further information available. Those information usually contain additional explanations and if available also links to further Academy content related to the selected slide topic. You can find the additional information and links from the "Learn more about this slide" button in the bottom. Simply click on the box and a new window will pop up.

Does the slide deck update regularly?

One of the best parts of the online introduction slide deck is the fact that it fetches all of its content directly from our website. That means, whenever our website updates, the slide deck will be up to date without delay. You will be able to introduce all of the important information without worrying about having missed any potential changes.

Feedback and Improvements

Is there anything you are missing in our slide deck or you have some thoughts about it, which you would like to share with us? Please feel free to contact our team to give some constructive feedback!


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