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Working as a Partner: Deal Registration & Subscription Process

This article is meant for our active Cyberday Partners. If you are not yet a partner but are interested in becoming one (e.g. if you are a consulting company), you can read more about our partner program on our website. You can apply to become a partner here.

Customer Overview and Trials

You can easily create new trials for your customers directly through your own Cyberday account. Like this, we can make sure that the accounts are connected and we will see that this customer is one of yours. This is done in the customer overview page. We have a help article about the customer overview, in which you can find more detailed instructions about how to use the customer overview and what you can all do and see there. The customer overview can be accessed from the "switch account" under the organization name in the organization dashboard's menu in the left upper corner.

Quick summary of the customer overview: You can see a list of all of your customers, but also filter by

  • trials (current trials of your customers)
  • active (customers of yours that have an active Cyberday subscription)
  • closed (potential customers that have had a trial account, but did not proceed to subscribe after the trial ended)

On the upper right side, you can also filter by the accounts, which currently need attention. From the list, you can see the basic summary of your customers: the name, main framework choice including the progress, the amount of users, the amount of activities of the last 90 days (to see if your customer is actively using Cyberday) and how many items may need attention in their account at this moment.

Deal Registration

You can register deals from now on via our deal registration form. Deals are locked under your name for 90 days, if no actions follow after the initial registration. Please fill in all of the information asked in the form, so we can register the lead in our partner management system. You can register the following kind of deals as leads for now:

  • you have had a first discussion and the customer is considering using Cyberday
  • your potential customer has subscribed to our Academy Newsletter
  • your potential customer has opened a trial account (note: this is volunteer to register, but it helps us to have a more up to date overview at any time)

Subscription Process

If your customer decides to move forward with Cyberday you can start by registering the deal via our partner form here. The subscription can be done in Cyberday directly, if the billing is handled by us and the payment method chosen is credit card. Please read more about the payment options below.

Payment options

Credit card

The easiest and fastest way for a subscription is the direct subscription form in Cyberday and using the credit card for the payment. In that case, the billing is handled by us and we will pay out the commission to you.

Payment via invoice

Please fill in the order from and we can handle the billing. We will pay out the commission to you.

Payment via Partner

If you are handling the billing for your customer, please start by filling the subscription form (link above). We will send the invoice of the customers subscription value, deducted by the commission value for you, to you directly.

Commonly asked questions

In the following paragraphs, we will answer some of the most common questions in regards of your customers' trial period.

How long of a trial can I offer my customers?

You can always offer your customer an extended trial of 30 days.

What do I do if there are any technical issues?

The easiest way to get a fast answer in regards of technical issues is our chat box. The chat box is available in Cyberday directly or on our website (in the lower right corner. During business hours/days, you will receive answers as soon as possible from our support team. If the technical problem seems more complex, you can also book a support meeting.

I have found some translation mistakes/language errors, what do I do?

You can either contact our team members directly or take a screenshot and report it via the chat box. We appreciate your efforts in supporting our translation process.

Can I learn more about how to use Cyberday?

You can book a training session with one of our experts in order to learn more about Cyberday. We will help you to become a Cyberday expert yourself!

Can my customers get additional support?

Your customers can also book support meetings and receive a training session, if needed. Please check the available times from our calendar.

Do you have other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to our team in case we have not answered your questions here. You can use the chat box or contact for any further questions about our partner program (in English or German). For questions in Finnish, please use the chat box.


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